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Muscle Building Tips – Everything about Building Muscles and Looking Great

Lean and tight muscles are something that attracts everyone.  Not only are they sign of power and strength, toned up muscles are even a great source of high confidence.  When we work out to build the muscles, we get a lot of benefits to enjoy.  Innumerable health benefits are linked with muscle building and strength training like reduced risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and hypertension.  So, now as you are aware of what is muscle building, let’s go deep and know the best ways to build muscles, the many benefits of muscle building, the losing weight while you gain muscle concept, the best bodybuilding supplements to rely on and how a perfect bodybuilding diet plan can be of great help. 

How to Build Muscles?

This is often the very first question that pops up in our mind when we look forward to build muscle.  There are many tips, techniques and strategies out there that can leave a beginner attempting to build muscles dazed and confused.  Here are some proven muscle building techniques you can use to build healthy muscles in no time.

Increase Calorie Intake

Building up muscles take a lot of energy and you also do need a lot of calories for your body to convert that into muscle.  Thus, it is of great importance that you really increase the amount of caloric intake you are currently doing.  Like for instance if you are taking 2,000 calories per day at present, boost this level to 2,500 or so.  But at the same time make sure that you eat fresh and healthy food full of proteins that can be actually beneficial for you and are not indulging in too much over eating, or eating just for the sake of eating.  There are some high-calorie foods that are especially good for weight gain, and for muscle mass development as you start working out.

Take Enough Proteins

When it comes to building muscles, protein is an essential component in muscular development.  As far as how much protein to build muscle, aim for somewhere around 1 to 1.8 grams protein per kg of your body weight.  For instance, in case you weigh 180 lbs, take about 81-146 grams or 2.8 to 5 oz proteins every day.

Work Hard

Training with the high reps is nice for building your endurance level however it will not help you to build either strength or size.  Rather, just aim for 3 to 8 per muscle group and about 6 to 12 reps each set for normal routine.  The final reps should be hard to complete.  In case this is not the case, then increase the weight that you are presently lifting.  Also, limit your training to 45 minutes per day only.  In every 4 to 6 weeks, change your routine and as per your body, hit the plateau where benefits will start to reduce.  Thus the only way to avoid this is to change things like increasing weights or changing your exercises.  Try for a week piling the weights and then do 2 to 4 reps at maximum weight so that you can get in proper form. 

Limit Cardio Training

While doing the cardio, you will burn your fat but it can limit your overall muscle growth through burning the amino acids and glycogen.  If you keep cardio in your fitness schedule, try to have the sprint intervals i.e. one minute at all out sprint then followed by 2 minutes light jogging.  You can do this for about half an hour or so, thrice a week.  When you play sports, try eating more food in order to make up for your lost calories. 

There are indeed various ways for strength training which have different effects on your muscles.  For instance, doing small amount of reps with heavy weights helps to build muscles, thereby creating stronger and larger muscles in some time.  Eccentric exercises in which the muscles lengthen as they contract as with low weight to chest in bench press is even effective and useful for building up muscles.  Doing large sets of reps with light weights however helps in maintaining muscles.  You can do this when you are satisfied with your fitness level and wish to keep it there only and doesn’t want to build any more muscles.

Water – The Muscle Builder Beverage of Choice

Water is indeed the beverage of choice when it comes to serious bodybuilders.  It helps a great deal in regulating the production of energy, metabolic process and fat metabolism.  Your body will not be able to synthesize the protein without proper supply of water.  Always remember that diets that are high protein promote dehydration and thus it is important to drink lots of water all through the day.  Not only that, drinking water, a lot of water even if you are not on a protein high diet is always good for you, and all the more so if you can substitute water for other carbonated soft drinks in your normal everyday beverage consumption. 

Benefits of Muscle Building

Now as you are clear as to how you can build up muscles, let’s move ahead and discuss what all benefits does muscle building bring in.  Strength training with proper intake of dietary proteins helps to increase the size of Muscle type II fibres.  Such fibres help to store the sugar or carbs.  More of type II muscle fibre density helps in translating to more of space for the carbs.  Many a times we focus on physical health benefits of such training but mental health benefits from strength are powerful as well. 

A lot of people have experienced and shared that their self confidence increased as they gained power and more strength.  Moving on from metabolic benefits of having healthy muscle mass, stronger and bigger muscles also help in maintaining and preserving the bone density.  Mainly for the elderly and women, bone density is a crucial thing in order to prevent osteoporosis. 

Weight training using heavy weights has been seen time and again to increase the bone density even in case of older people.  Another great advantage of muscle building is the ability to create a kind of safety net of proteins that the body can draw on in time of increased requirement.  Protein serves to be one of the most crucial structural components in the body and thus muscles play an important role in overall regulation of protein availability. 

They absorb the protein from diet, store the same and then distribute it to liver, heart and other body organs as required.  In absence of this protein, the body breaks down the muscles and keep feeding the organs.  Muscle building further help to protect the joints from any sort of an injury.  As we age, the balance may become a problem which can result in fractured bones or other type of injuries.  Strong muscles help to support the joints. 

Muscle Building for Women

Strength training and stronger muscles are not just for men only; they are also important for the women as well who tend to have somewhat less muscles and who are prone to bone density problems and osteoporosis.  However when it comes to muscle building, women are seen to be sceptical.  Though the benefits are numerous, they are actually scared of getting bulky and so they shy away from weights and favor the light dumbbells.  Check out some of our other resources to learn more about how to gain weight fast for women and can start building up their muscles.

Muscle Building Supplements

There are a plethora of muscle building supplements readily available in the markets and all across the internet.  This is indeed the bread and butter for the gym enthusiasts and combines amino acids like arginine, methionine and glycine.  As you take such supplements, they give you more of ATP or adenine tri-phosphate that is the main source of energy for your body.  However you just need a finite amount.  Also, creatine helps to increase such levels for extra reps, thereby helping you to get bigger and stronger.  It even hydrates the cells of the muscles that in turn improve ability to build up size and recovery from injuries. 

There are in fact different types of muscle building supplements that one can choose.  These include energy supplements, testosterone boosters, growth hormone supplements and more.  Let’s get to know these supplements in detail one by one.

Energy Supplements

Getting energy for training will help you to work harder and thus contribute in giving you bigger and stronger muscles.  The problem is that plenty of such supplements can actually leave you jittery.  Such supplements are even good for weight loss. 

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone occurs in a natural way in the body and thus bumps up the muscle mass through improving the muscle and protein synthesis.  So if you are between the age of 18 and 35, these boosters will not create much of a difference as the body already generates enough of its own.  Even when you are old, such products will not put the testosterone level to a high but they will actually put the body in a state that increases the level of testosterone naturally to the highest possible level. 

Growth Hormone Supplements

Your body produces growth hormone in a natural way and this is responsible for regeneration and cell growth.  It declines naturally with age, thus transforming you completely.  Without proper level of HGH, you will not be able to build up muscles.  So supplement with some natural growth hormone supplements will help you to increase the level of growth hormone in the body and take it to the highest natural level. 

 Whey Protein

The muscles break down during remodeling and exercising when they get in the repairing phase.  Research has found that the remodeling process is also accelerated by more than 33% when people take whey protein shakes after exercising.  Shakes are indeed valuable assets for those who want to build up muscles and are easy to have as well even while on the go.  Your approach should be actually to drink the shake just after your training or workout and then have high protein meal after that.

Apart from shakes and supplements, protein powder for building muscle is another thing that you can take to stack on your muscle mass.  Whey protein for building muscle has been liked by many users and they have been reported it to be beneficial for their muscle building goals.

So, these are some of the categories of supplements to gain muscle.  You can choose one as per your needs, budget and goals.

 Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Now that you have an idea as to which supplements to use for muscle building, there is another dimension that you should know.  There are great weight loss benefits associated with muscle building.  Not just does it make you look slim and trim, but muscle building also helps to burn the calories when you are working out to build up your muscles. 

Strength training is highly crucial for the dieters.  You can actually lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.  As you lose weight, about quarter of this loss may come directly from muscles that can in turn slow down the metabolism.  Thus strength training helps a great deal in rebuilding the muscles lost during dieting or at least keep you from losing it.  To lose fat, you have to give your body less of food and energy that it actually burns.  This is called as creating calorie deficit and this serves to be the most crucial factor in losing weight. 

As far as your metabolism is concerned, muscle mass serves as the engine of calorie burning machine.  So when you strength train yourself and increase the muscle mass, you eventually build up a more efficient and bigger engine which burns more of calories and helps in losing weight.  More toned up your muscles are, easier it gets to maintain the weight.  Indeed high the muscle mass, more the amount of calories that you burn as you rest.  Well, for every pound muscle that you gain, your body actually uses around 50 calories extra per day. 

Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Eating right surely paves way for muscle building.  Eating for the muscles is as important as lifting for the muscles.  So the food that you eat in morning while going to work, the meals that you take for lunch and evening, what you eat just after the workout and what you take in dinner, all these impact your overall results.  In reality, it may be hard to stick to some clean diet in case you are busy with your life schedules.  Adding another task to your life in form of reading the ingredients or food labels before eating anything is not an option that most of us like.  Not to forget, preparing all those meals take a lot of time and efforts. 

To make a perfect bodybuilding diet, it is important to calculate the amount of calories that you need every day to gain proper body weight.  And to have the muscles, you should take more calories than the total amount needed to sustain your present weight.  As we all have metabolic rates as per individual body types, physical activity and muscle/body fat ratios, we burn calories at different rates. 

So, one should prepare the meal plan as per one’s body, needs and bodybuilding goals.  Also make sure that you make a realistic plan that you can follow properly without any loopholes. 

Muscle Building – The Final Verdict

You need to remember that muscles are not only for the bodybuilders.  They are in fact for each and every one of us who are looking to lead a healthy life.  Humans are physiologically made to have fair amount of muscle mass that is built through proper, regular and ongoing exercise.  Muscle mass also allows metabolizing the carbohydrates very effective; and maintains resilience and overall health and helps to recover fast from illnesses and injuries. 

This is all about muscle building and leading a healthy life.  If you too are interested in losing weight and building muscle mass, try the above mentioned tips, techniques and the many advice as to how to go about it and you too will surely reach your muscle building goals in no time.

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